SABackup is a tool developed at the 318 labs to backup settings files for Mac OS X


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SABackup is a tool used to back up and perform change control on the settings files for Mac OS X Server. SABackup can be used to generate autoserversetup, XML exports of settings and service restoration files.


  sabackup --outputdir="/sabackups/" [options]
  sabackup --outputfile="/sabackup.dmg" [--services=afp,dns,ftp] [options]
  sabackup --outputfile="/sabackup.plist" --nodmg [--service=dns] [options]
  sabackup --plist="/Library/Preferences/com.318.sabackup.plist"

  --plist= ## Path to a plist to read configuration information from.
             This will override any other provided options!

  --outputfile= ## path to save exported plist or sparseimage file.
  --outputdir= ## path to directory for export. If multiple services are specified,
             they will be saved in a service-specific subdirectories under 'dir'

  --usedmg    ## When specified, backups will be saved in the form of a sparseimage
             file, which contain versioned backups of service configs. Defaults to
             true with the '--outputfile=' option and defaults to false with the
             '--outputdir' option. if '--useimage' is used with '--outputdir', then a
             disk image will be made based on the machine's hostname:

  --nodmg     ## When used in conjunction with the '--outputfile' option, output
             will be in the form of an XML plist of the specified services.

  --nosubdirs ## Disables the use of service-specific subdirectories

  --service=  ## used with '--outputfile' option to denote which service is
             to be saved to the specific file.

  --services=  ## Used with --outputdir option to denote which services will be
             backed up. Supported Services:
             "all" - akin to 'serveradmin settings all'
             "running" - backs up all running services
             "afp,smb"... (all services supported by 'serveradmin list')

  --usetimestamps  ## Forces written file to include a timestamp:
             (Y+M+D++time) (2010/01/10 11:01 PM)
             Defaults to true with --outpitdir option
  --notimestamps  ## Omits timestamps from all written files. Defaults to true
             with --outputfile option

  -p,--prune  ## Prune backups (only qualifies with timestamped backups)
   --maxage=  ## Max age of a file (in days) before qualifying for pruning
   --minicopies=  ## Minimum number of copies to keep of a file, ovverrides maxage

  -f,--force  ## Do not prompt for verification when overwriting

  -v,--version  ## Print out version info.